My mouldable experience

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by Charlie Bremmell

When I first had my ileostomy, back in 2008, I was sent home with the standard ileostomy bags that the nurses provide. They leaked everyday without fail. I was so worried about leaving the house as it leaked at any time without notice. I had no clue that there were so many other bags out there and the trick was finding which one suits you and your skin best.

In desperation I phoned ConvaTec, a company that a distant relative of mine had heard about. The lady on the phone was amazing, especially when getting graphic and personal about these things! She sent me some samples of Esteem synergy™ and, BAM, my life changed right there. The mouldable technology is my saviour. It's pretty much fool proof to use and so hard wearing; I put it through its paces I tell you. Skin tight wetsuits, salsa dancing, Zumba, my tight bodycon pants! It has hardly ever let me down and when it has that's usually my fault for leaving the base plate on for over a week.

Esteem <em>synergy</em><sup>®</sup> Flat Moldable Skin Barriers - Product ImageEsteem <em>synergy</em><sup>®</sup> + Adhesive Coupling Technology<sup>™</sup> Drainable Pouch - Product Image

I cannot see the benefit of one piece ostomy bags. You have to change them more often which can leave your skin sore. The mouldable adhesive on the Esteem synergy™ is like a kind of putty that moves with the size of your stoma, without needing to cut anything. It is fantastic. I am no sales person but when I believe in something that has helped me so much I want to spread the word. In fact I was in hospital a couple of years ago and met this lady who sadly had a stoma because of cancer. She wasn't coping with it too well and to top it off was having constant leaks. She was embarrassed and it was all still fresh and a lot to cope with. She felt her life was over. I suggested she try my bags. I showed her how to use the mouldable baseplate and to my delight she found them also infallible. She was like a changed woman the next morning after her first night without leakage problems. Then the next day still no leaks. She went on to call me Charlie's Angel for the rest of my hospital stay. I know everyone's body and skin is different but I was so happy to help and glad that for her it did the trick like it did for me.

I hope that my experience can help in some way to anybody reading this. Have faith and hope. Things will get better.

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