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Scott Smith

- Mud Runner

Hi, my name’s Scott, I’m 36 and I live in Essex with my wife, Carley, son, Jack, and 2 dogs, Luna and Ruby. I had an ileostomy created due to developing bowel cancer after some time with undiagnosed ulcerative colitis.

Scott Smith was given a shock diagnosis of bowel cancer when he was just 28. Less than six weeks after his diagnosis he had surgery to create an ileostomy. He describes himself as being “decidedly average” prior to his operation and facing his mortality at such a young age was “a bit of a shock”. As a result of this life changing experience Scott and his wife, Carley, decided to have a family and they now live in Essex with their son, Jack.

Scott adapted well to life with a stoma and says “I would say living with a stoma is relatively simple once you’re in a routine. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and whilst it is a life changing event, it is not a dead-end. Our journeys just reach a cross-roads and we start down a new road.”

Scott embraced the new lease of life that having an ileostomy gave him and found it actually pushed him to do more with life. He decided to get fit, in part so he could keep up with his growing son and found that “plain old running soon got boring and so my love affair with obstacle course racing and mud began!” Scott is now a member of the Nuclear Races team and loves nothing more than sharing his love of the sport by encouraging others to take part at taster days. “OCR is like a metaphor for life – you’re happily running along at your own pace when you turn a corner and an unexpected obstacle awaits you – getting over that obstacle, with help from others around you is what matters most.”

Scott has also been a Decembeard Ambassador for Beating Bowel Cancer and is passionate about supporting others going through similar experiences to him. “Joining the Advocate team is giving me a chance to help spread awareness that having a stoma or cancer is not a life debilitating event.”

Meet Scott - mud runner

Meet Scott
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