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Julie Carter

- Club Treasurer

Hello! I’m Julie, I’m 73 and I live in Surrey with my twin sons Danny & Lee, who have learning disabilities.

 Julie Carter had raised a family and was enjoying a full life when she suddenly became ill and had emergency surgery to create a colostomy following a perforated colon due to diverticular disease in 2011. However, the hospital staff were dumbfounded by her accepting and upbeat attitude towards this life changing operation. “My daughter, Maria, who is also an Advocate, had her stoma created 7 years before me, so I went through the traumas of adjusting to life with a stoma through her!”

Being able to learn from Maria proved invaluable and helped Julie in her recovery and adaptation. Just 6 months after her operation the mother and daughter travelled to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya to see mountain gorillas and orphaned elephants. Julie says “Maria played a key role in helping me build up physically and gain the confidence to travel with a brand new stoma!”

Now retired Julie is the treasurer of the Friends of the Centres for Learning Disabilities who organise outings and social events and enjoys all sorts of activities including line dancing, aerobics, badminton, table tennis and short indoor tennis. She joined the Advocate team to share her experiences because “I have found that once you get adjusted to your new way of life it is important to find out about other people’s experiences.”


Meet Julie - club treasurer

Meet Julie
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