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Pat Baildham-Fairless

- Business woman

Pat Baildham-Fairless was given a 30% survival chance when she had emergency surgery for a perforated bowel, cancerous polyps, and “2.5 litres of ‘muck’” in her stomach.

Pat says “I feel really strongly that I was fortunate to have recovered given those odds, and if I can help in any way to encourage, inform,  amuse  and maybe even  inspire others, then I  would love to do so.”
Pat was 78 when she had her surgery and says it hasn’t changed her, and she doesn’t wish to be referred to as ‘an ostomate’, “I am me and I refuse to be defined by a collective noun”.
Pat says that life with a stoma can be challenging, especially in the early days. “I knew nothing at all about stomas. If it is pre-planned then I would say that the more information you can gain in advance, the better.  I thought I was alone and initially felt isolated, but as I began to recover and seek out information, I became aware that lots of others were coping with this situation and therefore so could I.” Pat’s attitude now is upbeat and resilient, and she has good advice for anyone adjusting to life with a stoma, “Talk to your stoma nurses, try different products and gain as much knowledge as you can.  Don’t worry about accidents and leaks, we all have them from time to time….have a cry if you feel like it and then just get on with living.”
Pat is enjoying an active retirement and spends her days eating out with friends, looking in antique shops, learning more about wines, advising and helping friends about clothes and fashion and is also an avid reader.

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