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Karen Salisbury

- Civil Servant

Karen Salisbury says that life with a stoma can be summed up in one word - ‘normal’

Karen, 52, was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in 2010 and had surgery to create an end ileostomy in 2012. When surgery was first suggested, Karen said she’d rather die than have a stoma, but through support from members of Colitis UK forum, and the colorectal team, she adjusted to the idea. Now she says that nothing has really changed, except that these days she’s healthy.

Karen joined the Advocate team to “help dispel the myths and fears of having a stoma” and that “life doesn’t end with a stoma, it can begin”. Before having her stoma Karen was into fitness, but has found since her surgery that she can do more and her fitness is better than ever. Karen keeps fit by, dancing, going to the gym and doing yoga. And when she finds time to relax she likes rockabilly music, reading, cross stitch, eating out and going to the theatre. Karen works in local government and lives in Lancashire with her husband.


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