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Paul Henry

- Basketball player

Paul Henry wants to be a positive face for others in the black community who are coping with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and facing life with a stoma.

Paul, 48, says, "when I was going through my journey I could see no one looking like me. I felt isolated and ashamed thinking I am the only black male with Crohn's disease." Paul’s disease was very aggressive and very painful, causing severe fistulas. He first had a colostomy in 2006 and in 2013, after his fourth operation he is proud to now have an ileostomy.

Paul joined the Advocate team so he "can reach out, support and guide anyone that is going through any issues relating to IBD". He wants to share with others that "having a stoma is not the end but a new beginning. Don't be ashamed there is plenty of support out there".

Paul has "an active mind, body and soul" and his favourite hobbies and leisure activities are basketball, riding his bike, swimming, walking, seeing his children, socialising and hanging out with his 12 year old doggie, Bullet. Paul lives in Birmingham and works as a driving technician.

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