AQUACEL® Ag Extra™

AQUACEL® Dressings

AQUACEL® Ag Extra™ dressings give you...

the basic benefits of Convatec’s unique Hydrofiber™ Technology plus ionic sliver for wounds that are infected or at risk for infection.

The benefit of 20 years of innovation gives today’s AQUACEL® dressings EXTRA:

  • Strength — 9 times more*1
  • Absorbency — 50% more*1
  • Wear time*2

And the ability to kill a broad spectrum of wound-related microbes in the dressing:

  • Rapid and effective antimicrobial action*4,5,7
  • Controlled release of ionic silver as wound exudate is absorbed into the dressing*2-5,7
  • Sustained antimicrobial activity for up to 14 days*2,4,5,7


Hydrofiber® Technology gives AQUACEL® dressings powerful capabilities.

See AQUACEL® Ag Extra™ in action

Absorbancy Demo
Strength Demo
Mode of Action

Comparative Test Results

Allevyn Ag, AQUACEL® Ag – Shallow Wound Model