AQUACEL® Dressings Clinical Summaries

AQUACEL® Dressings

Brummer U

Diabetic foot ulcers: Healed or improved (AQUACEL® vs. moistened gauze)


Foster L

Open surgical wounds: Less pain, easier use (AQUACEL® vs. alginate)


Piaggesi A

Diabetic foot ulcers: Preferred dressing for efficacy, safety (AQUACEL® vs. saline moistened gauze)


Harding KG

Leg ulcers: Faster healing, reduced ulcer area (AQUACEL® vs. alginate)


Barnea Y

Donor site wounds: Less pain, faster re-epithelialization, easier use (AQUACEL® vs. paraffin gauze)


Bowler P

Infection control: Locks in, retains microorganisms, (AQUACEL® vs. three competitor products; in vitro)


Walker M

Infection control: Immobilizes, locks in bacteria (AQUACEL® vs. alginate; in vitro, electron microscopy)


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