AQUACEL® Dressings

Product Literature

AQUACEL® Ag+ Brochure

AQUACEL® Ag+ Information Sheet


"Next-generation antimicrobial dressings: AQUACEL® Ag+ ExtraTM and Ribbon,"
Wounds International


A New Anti-Biofilm Hydrofiber®Dressing: In
Vitro Determination Of Microbial Kill Rate In Biofilms

A new Anti-Biofilm Hydrofiber®Dressing: A clinical Study

A new Anti-Biofilm Hydrofiber®Dressing: In Vivo Investigations


Management of the barriers to wound healing using AQUACEL® Ag+ dressings

Video shows how wound healing is delayed and how AQUACEL®Ag+ dressings manage the local barriers to wound healing.

How biofilm delays wound healing

An illustration of how biofilm forms and delays wound healing by tolerating topical antimicrobials, antibiotics, and even the body's own attempts to heal a wound.

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