How AQUACEL® Ag+ Dressing Works

AQUACEL® Dressings

Ag+ dressings feature two powerful technologies working synergistically to manage the barriers to wound healing.

Ag+ Technology is a unique combination of silver and anti-biofilm agents that26

  • Disrupts and breaks down biofilm slime to expose bacteria1-3
  • Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant superbugs, with its reservoir of silver**2,3,27
  • Prevents biofilm reformation**2-3
See how it works:

 Hydrofiber® Technology creates an ideal environment for healing and for Ag+ Technology to go to work;

  • Locks in excess wound exudate, bacteria and biofilm to help minimise cross infection and prevent maceration**4-7,31,32
  • Micro-contours to the wound bed maintaining an optimal moisture balance and eliminating dead space where bacteria and biofilm can grow**33-35
  • Responds to wound conditions by forming a cohesive gel, while helping to minimise pain associated with dressing changes**36-38
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