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Our me+™ programme has Amcare™ Group nurses and resources available for your patient if they have questions concerning products issues, support groups or lifestyle challenges. We are here to help. To speak with our me+ advisor call 0800 467 866..

Skin Care for Patients

Prevention is a crucial part of a successful peristomal skin care regimen. You can help your patients living with a stoma prevent peristomal skin issues by providing them with helpful skin care tips.

Healthy Peristomal Skin Care Practices tips:

  • Mould or cut the opening of your baseplate to the stoma's size before you apply the pouch.
  • For cleansing, use warm water. This ensures that the adhesive will stick.
  • If you notice leaking effluent change your baseplate immediately.
  • Use accessories to help achieve a better fit.
    Click here to learn more about using accessory products

As a general rule, healthy peristomal skin should look the same as skin anywhere else on the body. Often times, when the baseplate is removed the patient will notice some redness from the adhesive. That's normal. If the redness does not go away, however, it could be the sign of a peristomal skin issue. Discomfort is another sign that their peristomal skin is not healthy.

It does not take much time or a large amount of effluent touching the peristomal skin for it to be damaged. The damage is not always easy to detect. That's why you should have your patients familiarise themselves with a tool such as the Peristomal Skin Issue Identification and Management Guide*. This way, they will know the warning signs and how to manage the skin issue.

  • Convatec Mouldable Technology™ Baseplates
  • Choosing the Right Adhesive
  • The Difference Between Flat and Convex?

ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ Baseplates

How to create a secure fit?

Learn more about ConvaTec Moldable Technology™

This innovative mould-to-fit baseplate eliminates the need for scissors, and can be shaped with fingers to create a customised stoma opening. It gently hugs the base of your stoma for optimum security.

Learn more about ConvaTec Moldable Technology™ Skin Barriers
  • Flexible adhesive expands and contracts, moving with your stoma.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Lets you create an ideal fit while helping to protect your skin.

Cut-to-Fit Baseplates

Cut -to -fit 1

With cut-to-fit baseplates you need to trace a template of your stoma opening to the back of the baseplate and cut out the opening.

Cut -to -fit 2

Here's how.

  • Trace the outline and use scissors to cut.
  • Be sure to leave a 1/8" gap around your stoma.
  • Use of paste is recommended to close any gaps.

Durahesive®(extended wear) Baseplates

Durahesive® baseplates are designed for liquid output. Unlike other baseplates that may break down around liquid output, Durahesive® baseplates swell up to protect the stoma. This special effect, called turtlenecking, creates a more secure seal without harming the skin.

Ideal for:

  • Liquid Output

Stomahesive® (standard wear) Baseplates

Stomahesive® baseplates provide an additional option for people with a urostomy. This reliable baseplate provides excellent security because of a special formula that enables the baseplate to adhere to both dry and moist skin. It holds firmly to skin while protecting against irritating output.


Learn more about Flat Skin Barriers

Flat Baseplate

Flat baseplate tend to be less noticeable under clothes and are the more flexible option. They are ideal for stomas that protrude more than 1/2".

Ideal for:

  • Protruding Stomas


Learn more about Convex Skin Barriers

Convex Baseplates

Convex baseplates use a specially designed ring to create a convex shape to help fit stomas that are flush, retracted or protrude less than 1/2". They are available in pre-cut or mouldable convexity.

Ideal for:

  • Flush or Retracted Stomas
  • Stomas in a Skin Fold or Crease

Choosing the Right Pouch

Whether your patients choose a 1-piece or 2-piece stoma system depends on their lifestyle and personal preferences. The chart below is a useful tool for helping your patients understand the advantages and limitations of the various pouch types and systems.

Stoma Systems


Because you can remove just the pouch vs. the entire stoma system, this allows you to easily and quickly change the type of pouch you use based on your activity for the day. Both drainable and closed-end pouches are available with these systems. ConvaTec offers 2 systems in the 2-piece line: Natura® and Esteem synergy® stoma systems. Each system is different and made to fit individual preferences


One-piece systems are simple to use. The one-piece system is completely removed each time you need to change your system. It is available in drainable and closed-end versions.


People living with a stoma have a range of pouching needs, which is why ConvaTec offers a broad line of pouching options.

Closed-End Pouches

  • Clean & Neat. Unlike a drainable pouch there's no messy emptying, cleaning up and resealing. You get a fresh start every time you change.
  • Fast & Easy. Because you remove the pouch vs. draining and cleaning it changing time is quick! Simply apply a fresh pouch and you're on your way.
  • Security & Versability. These pouches are sealed for protection against leakage at the bottom, so you feel secure and confident.


Drainable Pouches

These pouches can be emptied several times a day when you choose. With a range of features and closure options you can find the one that's right for you.

Urostomy Pouch Closure

People living with a urostomy have unique needs, which is why ConvaTec offers a urostomy pouch product line. ConvaTec urostomy pouches have an anti-reflux valve, comfort panels and a choice of two types of taps.


Urostomy Night Drainage

Night Drainage sets allow you to hook your pouch up to a bedside container. This allows you to sleep through the night without having to get up to empty your pouch.